Research / Refractory Concrete Reinforced With Stainless Steel Fiber

Refractory Concrete Reinforced With Stainless Steel Fiber

November 02, 2020


Concrete materials like refractories are strong in compression and very weak in tension which means that their fracture toughness is low. Stainless steel fibres are commonly used in an endeavour to improve refractory fracture toughness.

Considerable emphasis has been placed on measuring fracture energies of refractory materials to reduce cracking and improve in-service life. Fracture energies offer much more flexibility as the linear elastic assumptions need not be applied to direct energy principles for crack initiation or propagation.

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The key benefits of our designs and management are the delivery of very reliable linings which that saves our clients time and maintenance costs.Understanding refractory behaviour is critical for the design and fabrication of refractory lining/structures.

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